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Single and Dual-Axle Trailers

by MiTM
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Pair these robust, customizable trailers with an industrial pressure washer and you can clean dirt and grime anywhere, anytime. These mobile pressure washer trailers are built tough making them the perfect solution for cleaning at remote sites.

**Freight not included.

All Trailers Feature
  • 5-foot x 81 ⁄2-foot trailer
  • 3-inch x 41 ⁄4-inch angle frame
  • 2-inch ball hitch
  • Swivel jack with pad
  • Tanks are enclosed in a powder coated steel frame
Single-Axle Trailers Also Feature
  • (1) 3,500 lb. axle
  • (2) ST205-75R 15-inch radial tires
Dual-Axle Trailers Also Feature
  • (2) 3,500 lb. axles with brakes
  • (4) ST205-75R 15-inch radial tires
Trailer Accessories & Options:
High Pressure Hose Reels
  • High pressure hose reels include a jumper hose and mounting bracket
Low Pressure Hose Reels
  • Low pressure hose reels include a mounting bracket and plumbing
Backflow Preventers
  • Backflow preventers are required on trailer units in California
Trailer Tank Bypass
  • The trailer tank bypass removes the float system, while adding the necessary plumbing; the water bypasses back to the water tank
Deluxe Trailer Options
  • Adds a ball valve, trailer tank bypass and low pressure hose reel
Trailer Hitches
  • Replace the standard 2-inch ball hitch with an adjustable trailer coupler hitch or lunette ring hitch. Includes hitch with brackets and hardware.